The Fast Fashion Epidemic

The Fast Fashion Epidemic

Connor Smith (Senior), Reporter

Fast fashion is companies that produce clothes in a way that is unethical for a profit.  Fast fashion companies jump from producing clothes off every single trend we see on the runway as soon as they can.  They are able to do this by using cheaply made products that they can mass produce through the exploitations of their workers.

Many fast fashion companies use child labor or pay their workers extremely unfair wages and literally use modern day sweatshops for their products.  These companies also vastly overproduce the number of products they make because it is so cheap for them to make.  This overproduction causes for massive amounts of their products to end up in landfills and significantly harms the environment.

This also ties in with the way they jump from trend to trend because as soon as they jump to a new trend, they take all the old trends products off the market and discard all the unsold clothing. They charge high prices on their products and make massive profit margins on the products they sell.

What you can do to avoid creating clothing waste and supporting fast fashion:

You can always buy from second hand sellers.  This involves going to thrift stores like the salvation army and goodwill to buy your clothes.  There are also apps like vinted and depop that sell high-quality second-hand clothes.

Avoid buying clothes in excessive amounts, when you feel like getting a lot of clothes online try to limit how much you get.  You can do this by adding what you want to your online cart then before buying it waiting a week then taking off the things you no longer feel you need.

Also just be aware of what companies you are buying from and do research on them before you but from them.  Some examples of massive fast fashion companies that you should avoid are Shien, Uniqlo, Victoria’s secret, urban outfitters, Guess, GAP, H&M, and ASOS.