Jeff Saturday Named Colts’ Interim Head Coach

Jeff Saturday Named Colts Interim Head Coach

Jacob Susong (Senior)

After last week’s embarrassing loss to the New England Patriots, the Indianapolis Colts decided to make some serious changes.  Head coach Frank Reich was fired, and almost immediately after, a new interim head coach was named, Jeff Saturday.  Saturday, who played for the Colts for 13 seasons as an offensive lineman, had no previous college or professional level coaching experience, making him the first person to take over a team with no such experience.

“I was shocked to say the least.  I figured that we would let Reich go, but I never saw this coming,” said senior Michael Strode.

Saturday had been working for ESPN as a sports analyst over the past few years.  His only prior coaching experience was at the high school level.  Colts’ owner Jim Irsay spoke on his decision to hire Saturday, saying that he was “glad” that he had no previous experience.

“I think that the decision was an interesting one to say the least.  I think that Saturday knows what he’s talking about, I just don’t know if he is the answer to the Colts’ struggles right now,” said junior Corbin Wells.

Irsay and the Colts were under heavy fire for the decision throughout the week.  Analyst and former player Bill Cowher described the decision to hire Saturday a ‘disgrace to the coaching profession.’

Saturday’s first opportunity as a head coach came on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders.  To many people’s surprise, the team ended up beating the Raiders 25-20.  Saturday seemed to have the players fired up throughout the game.

“I thought it was a great debut for Saturday.  It’s crazy to think that last week he was watching the Colts play from his couch, and this week he’s their head coach,” said senior Aiden Frost.