Tips to Cram for Exams

Tips to Cram for Exams

Maddy Summers (Senior), Editor

With finals coming into play next week, studying and completing the last few assignments of the semester are common challenges amongst students. Finding both time and energy to get all the work done efficiently, along with balancing a social and work life, can carry excessive weight. 

With these tips, studying will be easier and consume less time in a busy schedule.

To begin, make a priority list. Know which classes have finals on what days during the week in order; take into account how twenty percent of your grade will be this final. Use more of your time on classes that need the most work. After knowing when everything is taking place, ensure you have a study guide, notes, past homeworks, old tests and quizzes, or Quizlets to study. Anything that will refresh your memory on what was learned this semester.

Set timers. Setting timers for certain amounts of time, whether it’s fifteen minutes, or twenty, pick an amount in which you will study for. No breaks and no distractions; then after this consecutive study session, do something that will give you a break. Eat a snack, listen to music, go on your phone, etc. do something that’s laid back, but for less time than what you studied for. Giving yourself breaks is essential to keeping a good mindset and positive attitude on your work.

If you start getting tired, change locations, or move to a more efficient work place like a desk. Even though it’s nice to do work in comfortable spaces, it will do nothing for your improvement and motivation. 

When studying during the night, make sure your top priority is getting enough sleep. Finals shouldn’t take up all your time to where you can’t get decent sleep. Make sure you complete other things on your mind before you begin studying, so you won’t have things to worry about to cause more stress.

Lastly, prioritize your well being. Be sure to eat breakfast and snacks, and drink your favorite drink. The nights before the tests begin, slowly prepare by clearing your schedule and getting other tasks done, to make studying easier for yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your peers or teachers, and reward yourself for your hard work throughout the semester and these study sessions.