College Football Playoff is Near


Gavin Haines, Editor

The 2022 College Football Playoff is around the corner. This year’s teams may surprise a lot of people. The number one seed went to the overpowering Georgia Bulldogs. The number two seed went to the unstoppable run game from the Michigan Wolverines. Number three seed goes to the underdog horned frogs of TCU. The final spot was swept up by none other than the Ohio State Buckeyes a familiar face in the CFP.

“I never thought TCU would’ve made the CFP, I would love to see an upset and have a team like TCU take home the championship trophy,” said sophomore Dax Frost.

The Georgia Bulldogs will be taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bulldogs host a 12-0 regular season record as well as a dominating SEC title victory. Senior quarterback and reigning CFP champion looks to lead his team to a convincing win. The Ohio State Buckeyes are no easy test. The Buckeyes host a 11-1 regular season having lost to its rival Michigan. Sophomore quarterback and Heisman favorite CJ Stroud will give the iron Georgia defense everything they can handle.

“I am super excited to watch that game as I hope Georgia beats Ohio State, I hate the Buckeyes,” said Senior Cannon Morton.

The other semi-final game features a matchup between the Michigan Wolverines and the TCU Horned Frogs. The Wolverines are led by superstar running back Blake Corum. Corum is a Heisman contender as well as a first-round draft projection. The Wolverines recently took down Ohio State in Columbus for the first time since 2000. The Horned Frogs are hungry and ready to dominate. The Frogs are led by Heisman watch quarterback Max Duggan. Duggan led his squad to a 12-0 regular season, however falling short in the Big XII championship to Kansas State.

“I’m glad there are new teams this year, it gets boring watching the same four teams every year,” said senior Evan Wright.

The NCAA announced they would be moving to a twelve-team playoff in 2024. This is a huge change from the four-team playoff. Though we’re still a couple years away from expansion, the criteria for how the bracket will be composed is already known, and that allows us to take a hypothetical look at what a 12-team CFP would look like in 2022. The top six conference champions would each receive automatic bids.

“I can’t wait to see the new twelve-team playoff format. It gives so many more teams a chance at a title, as well as incorporating a large amount of new teams as opposed to the four-team format,” said senior Kendrick Welty.