Fifteen Minutes of Fame: Jaci French


This week’s fifteen minutes of fame is Jacie French. Jacie French is a freshman here at Lebanon High School who enjoys volleyball, track and field, and mac and cheese. 

“When I get home I usually just go to volleyball club and I’ve made upperclassmen friends from the sports I play,” said French.

French is on the girls volleyball team here at Lebanon High School and is also on the girls Boilers Juniors team. She is also on the LHS track and field team where she met her best friend Harper Adams who is on the cross country team. 

“I don’t know where I want to go to college yet but I do know I want to be a firefighter,” said French. 

French is still unsure where she is wanting to attend college at, as she is still a freshman, but does know that she wants to be a firefighter. French has grown up around firehouses because her own dad is a firefighter for the Lebanon fire department. 

“Something I could eat for the rest of my life would have to be mac and cheese,” said French. 

French says her favorite subject is english and one of the reasons it is her favorite is because he aunt is her english teacher, Mrs. Coddington. Something she is not a favorite of is heavy metal music however, she does enjoy listening to Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Another thing that will not be making her favorites list is crab. She does enjoy seafood but has a dislike for crab.