Study Hall Expectations

Study Hall Expectations

Katie Smith (Senior), Reporter

Study Hall is one of the most common classes in all students’ schedules. Whether the student takes it to use to work on homework or takes it to fill their schedule, it is still a class that has its own expectations.

“Teachers can have their own rules within their classroom, so if they choose to give detention for not working in study hall then we will go along with them,” said Principal O’Rourke.

Study Halls are a working period not only for the students but also for the teacher. Teachers are given a group of students to supervise during their prep period which means they also may need to work on grading and lesson plans during that class period.

“I know some teachers may choose to do grade checks in their study hall, but us administrators don’t expect that from them as they also have classes to prep for and grade during their study hall period,” said Principal O’Rourke.

Each teacher was sent a copy of the procedures and expectations for study halls. The school wants students to use this given period to work on homework and not to sleep and watch YouTube.

“I am supportive of the teachers who go above and beyond to make sure students are working and not letting students sleep in their study hall or play games. Giving them a detention lets administrators know that if they constantly choose to not work, we can get them in a class instead of letting them be unproductive,” said Principal O’Rourke.

The main things that the school doesn’t want in study hall is for a student to be failing a class when they could be using their study hall to their advantage. Study hall is a privilege that can be taken away. The biggest reason study hall is a class is to give students time to go ask for help from teachers and work on homework, not for sleeping and games.

“All we want is for students to succeed in school and we offer study hall to offer students help and extra time during school,” said Principal O’Rourke.