Pet Grief


Ms. Decker’s dog, Hobbes

Emily Jordan (Junior), Reporter

Pet Grief

By: Emily Jordan


“Losing him made me reflect on how much comfort he gave me, even when he was just sitting next to me,” said Kari Holloman about her recently passed dog, Peso.

The death of a loved one, especially a furry friend, can put an unexpected pause on our lives, but there are ways to work through it.

“Well one way has been crying a lot,” said Holli Decker when asked about how she’s coped with the loss of her dog, Hobbes.

Finding ways to learn how to cope with such an emotional loss is never easy, and everyone is different. Looking back on fond memories, talking about them, and joining support groups can help with the tremendous amounts of grief you may feel with the loss of a pet.

“Coming home without seeing him and him greeting me has been one of the hardest parts,” said Holloman.

Having emotional support from those around you can be one way to vent the feelings you shouldn’t keep pent up within yourself. While reveling in your grief may feel like a safe blanket, finding ways to slowly work on how you deal with your grief can help you on your own grief journey.

“He was like my kid, it’s hard going to bed without him and not being able to just have his comfort with me,” said Decker.

Everyone’s relationship with their pets is different, which is why grief isn’t the same from person to person. While others around you may not need as much time to feel better, that doesn’t mean you have to feel pressure or rush how you heal.

“Everyone’s experience will be different from person to person; not everyone can handle grief in the same ways,” said Decker.