15 minutes of fame: Alyssa Cooper!

15 minutes of fame: Alyssa Cooper!

Carmen Gallman (Junior), Reporter

For this week’s 15 minutes of fame we have freshman Alyssa Cooper! She lives here in Lebanon with her brother who’s a senior, Ayden Cooper, her parents and two cats who’s named Grace and Reeses. 

Other than her two cats, Cooper also owns a horse. “His name is Tao, he is nine years old and he stays at this place called Sporthorse INC in whitestown, across the street from my neighborhood” Cooper says. Horse Riding is one of her favorite things to do, and she goes to see him almost every day of the week. 

“Probably just the animals, they’re really sweet, they’re amazing animals and I think that horseback riding is a really good way to connect with them.” Cooper says when asked about what she loves most about horseback riding. 

But horseback riding isn’t her only interest. When asked about what she enjoys about school Cooper says. “‘I would say what I like about school is my math class. I think I’m really good at algebra and I actually enrolled in Geometry and Algebra honors 2 for next year so I can get to calculus for my senior year.”

“And I just really like biology because I want to be a vet, so I jumped into ap bio for next year and ap chem.” Cooper says.