15 Minutes of Fame: Aydan Wetter


Katie Smith, Editor

For this week’s 15 minutes of fame, we have Aydan Wetter. He lives in Noblesville but grew up in Tipton. Wetter ended up in Lebanon because his parents let him choose between Zionsville and Lebanon. “I chose Lebanon because it was smaller than Zionsville,” said Wetter. Wetter is a junior at Lebanon High School and is an only child but has three dogs.

Wetter doesn’t play any sports but enjoys watching hockey. “My grandpa got me into watching hockey when I was younger and I still really enjoy it,” said Wetter. “I also enjoy going to the gym after school,” said Wetter. He said he tries to go every day after school because it makes him feel more productive for the rest of the day.

Wetter’s favorite music genre is country and his favorite artist is Brantley Gilbert. “My favorite song at the moment is More Than Miles by Brantley Gilbert,” said Wetter. Wetter’s favorite color is purple and his favorite animal is a rhino.

When we asked Wetter what he looks forward to the most out of high school he said that he looks forward to being out on his own without restrictions because at home he can’t do everything he wants to do. “In the future I want to either become a firefighter or a paramedic but I am leaning more toward becoming a paramedic because I like the emergency medical field,” Wetter said.

“I really can’t wait to be out on my own doing the things I enjoy,” said Wetter.