Drug Use Help


Eli Bridges (Junior), Reporter

Narcan has been in LHS for a while now, but recently a staff member has brought up the concern of it being an outlet for people to continue to use. Stating, “They’ll just continue to use because they’re coming back from the best high of their life and want to go back to that place.”

Senior Wyatt Boyett voiced his concern, saying “How full-proof is this (Narcan)?”

This is a reasonable concern, because there is a drug called carfentanil, known by the streets as “trank,” being put into some of the more common street drugs like cannabis, methamphetamine, and heroin. According to DEA.gov, trank is so powerful that just two milligrams can kill 100 people. And Nurse Jackie McNutt said “One dose of this stuff (Narcan) will not reverse trank.”

The teen drug use problem continues to get worse each year. The age that kids are starting drugs is getting younger each year. And while a drug is a drug, the starter drug is becoming a harder drug as time moves on. Typically, the starter drug will be nicotine, then alcohol and/or marijuana, and then the much harder drugs, like methamphetamine and/or heroine.

While I will continue to encourage anyone to not do drugs, if you’re involved in the use of drugs, I encourage you to reach out to SAMHSA National Helpline at 1-800-662-4357.

I also encourage you to go to the local Narcan Vending machine at 6085 Heartland Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077.