NCAAW Basketball National Championship

NCAAW Basketball National Championship

Jacob Susong (Senior), Editor

Last Sunday’s championship matchup between the LSU Tigers and Iowa Hawkeyes was the most watched women’s college basketball game of all time.  Headlining the game was National Player of the Year recipient Caitlin Clark for Iowa. Clark averaged a whopping 27.8 points a game this season for the Hawkeyes.  She also led the country in assists per game.

LSU was led by Angel Reese, who averaged 23 points and 15 points a game this season for the Tigers.  Much focus was on the matchup between her and Clark in the highly anticipate championship.

“I’ve heard about Caitlin Clark all year long.  She had a fantastic season, and hit some incredible shots,” said sophomore Ava Susong.

LSU would go on to win the matchup 102-85, a high scoring affair.  Reese had 15 points and 10 rebounds for the victorious Tigers.  In a loss, Caitlin Clark had 30 points and 8 assists.  Throughout the game, Clark and Reese exchanged words.  Towards the end of the game, Reese seemingly mocked Clark with a “you can’t see me” hand motion.  Many people criticized her for this, calling it “classless”.

“I felt like it was a little disrespectful.  Caitlin Clark has done enough this season to gain respect,” said senior Aiden Frost.

After the backlash, Caitlin Clark stood up for her foe, saying, “She shouldn’t be criticized.”  Clark said that it is part of the game, and that she likes her competitiveness.

As mentioned before, the game was the most viewed women’s college basketball game of all time.   9.9 million people viewed the game.

“It’s really awesome for women’s sports. Caitlin Clark has caught the eyes of millions and is a huge attraction,” said Ava Susong.