Maskne: Yes, It’s a Real Thing


Leah Bashor , Reporter

Just recently masks became a very normal thing due to Covid-19, and we need to know how to take care of them. If our masks aren’t taken care of this can cause us to have maskne, or in medical terms, mechanica. Most people wash their masks and don’t have an issue with it, while other people don’t wash theirs and have issues with it.

In a poll on Instagram people were asked if they struggled with maskne, 42 out of the 74 said yes. 5 out of the 42 don’t wash their masks. 32 out of the 74 don’t struggle and they wash their masks.

Some people like Freshman, Julia Williams, can’t wash hers. Some people are allergic to scents and it will break them out. To get better skin Williams had to stay on top of her skin. “I followed a set skincare routine every night and every morning,” Williams said.

Senior, Jessica Lehmkuhler, struggles with this as well. “It can get very hot, especially with sports; a short break from the mask helps and I’m good to go for a few hours.” Lehmkuhler washes her masks 2 times every week and it has helped a lot.

With all the responses given it seems like washing your mask is a big help with this problem. If you can’t wash your mask, it is best to just stay on top of your skincare routine.