New Year, New Schedule; Hybrid Style


Hallie Montgomery, Editor

Here at Lebanon High School, we are on a new hybrid schedule as of now due to the coronavirus. Lots of students and staff have multiple mixed emotions towards it.

Mrs. Becker felt this schedule is more applicable than the full eLearning we had in March during quarantine.

“This schedule is more effective with connecting and communicating than the one we had in March. I spent hours emailing and doing phone calls. Knowing I have people in the building to check in with during class is better,” said Mrs. Becker.

Mrs. Gaha also thought the same thing about this schedule being more beneficial vs our online days in March till the end of May.

“I think this schedule better than March because I am thankful that I get to see my students once a week vs not at all. Reproducing my classroom experience full online is hard because we are always doing something in labs and full hands on activities,” said Mrs. Gaha.

Teachers have never experienced such a challenge and schedule change before. From going to full online class in the spring has made us start to get the hang of our new hybrid schedule. Mr. Adkins felt that after doing online in the spring that this could help us better are eLearning days and zoom days.

“Now that we have had hybrid, I think we can make our eLearning better than what we had. I think if we do have to go all virtual, it has given us some time to create relationships with kids to get them to ask questions. This has been the roughest start to a school year that I have ever had and that even included my very first year of teaching. It has been ups and downs and technology works, then doesn’t. This is probably the first week that I am starting to get my feet underneath it,” said Mr. Adkins.

Last year was the first year that students here have even practiced an eLearning day so moving to hybrid and doing school at home has been a big transformation.

“I like this schedule better than the full online eLearning days because I am able to relax at home and be able to go to school on the other days. I’m not a huge fan of Monday schedules because the classes are just too short for us to do anything,” said senior, Rylee Wilson.

Certain students and teachers are stressed with the full online zoom Mondays. For Mr. Adkins, he has a different take on it.

“I don’t totally hate Monday’s schedule, it’s kind of nice because it is a catch-up day. I think everyone deserves a little bit of a break and I don’t think breaks are a bad thing during this stuff. I think everyone has a little bit of more stress now,” said Mr. Adkins.
There is potential that in the future, we will all be back in school together. Teachers are in shock on how to socially distance so many kids in one room. Mrs. Gaha feels this would be a challenge and that students are having to develop sooner.

“I prefer to be normal but I am not comfortable with 30 students in this room even though my room is one of the biggest. The sad reality is you guys have to grow up faster than you’d normally do. It’s like you guys have already went to college because I can’t be there when you’re online at home to make sure you’re on task. Part of me wants to say let’s just do this but how can I be safe with my students because I am not young and neither are some of my fellow teachers,” said Mrs. Gaha.

Doing all in person days to teachers is ideal but only in a safe environment when COVID isn’t into play. Teachers are having to try new teaching skills that they generally wouldn’t prefer. Mrs. Becker believes being in person is worthy teaching.

“I prefer full in person in a safe environment. So, right now I wouldn’t want that. It’s much better in terms of good teaching practices practically in this age level with being able to move, get in groups, and do hands on activities. I rarely used computers and now I have to use them almost all the time. I’m getting the hang of it now but I think its stressful not knowing how effective it is because I am doing things I wouldn’t normally do,” said Mrs. Becker.

This schedule is never like before, students haven’t been to a full week in person at school since the second week of March. Mrs. Becker believes we need to be together and struggle together.

“The most important thing is for everyone to do their part, when people don’t come to class, don’t respond, and teachers aren’t prepared; that’s when it gets stressful. We can struggle together and that’s okay if we all just pitch in and do our best, it doesn’t have to be perfect,” said Mrs. Becker.