Affects of Online School


Haley Pierce , Editor

Many schools have had different ways about starting their 2020-2021 school year. Here at the Lebanon High School, all students attend virtual learning on Monday’s. Students with the last name A-L attend in-person learning on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, then virtual learning on Thursday’s and Friday’s. While students with the last name M-Z attend virtual learning on Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s and in person learning on Thursday’s and Friday’s.


Nearly 3 in 10 kids express their experience with online schooling to be mentally and emotionally affected, according to Many kids do not feel like getting up for a zoom class as some kids are falling asleep or not learning as good as they would be in person.


Basic technical issues are front and center when kids are doing school from home, like the availability of online devices and Internet access. How lessons can be moved from face-to-face to virtual within days is a main issue between kids.


According to, five concerns about the mass rush to online learning that should not be ignored are security, ergonomics, privacy, isolation, and effectiveness. With these five concerns, kids are struggling to learn as most have to sit on zooms and learn or they are being told to look at an assignment and finish them by a due date.


Some parents state that they are less worried about the security and privacy of their children but more worried about the isolation and effectiveness of online school. The rate of individuals reporting symptoms with major depression has increased 52 percent in the last 7 months according to There was also a 71 percent increase in young adults experiencing distress within the last 3 months. gives ten successful tips for students to wealthy complete their online schooling.


Tip One: Understand online learning practices and expectations

  • Fully commit yourself to your virtual learning
  • Work with others effectively

Tip Two: Make sure you have reliable internet access

  • Save your work repeatedly
  • Have your instructors contact information saved

Tip Three: Have a dedicated study space

  • Quiet, organized, distraction free
  • Ask your friend and family to respect your study space

Tip Four: Identify your learning goals

  • Keep track on what you hope to complete by the end of the day

Tip Five: Build a study plan

  • Plan ahead
  • Create a to-do list
  • Set time limits
  • Stay on schedule

Tip Six: Ask for help when you need it

  • Ask for help when necessary

Tip Seven: Review, revise, repeat

  • Create your own flashcards
  • Working in groups

Tip Eight: Take study breaks

  • Integrate personal time
  • Get away from your study space

Tip Nine: Participate in online discussions

  • Offer you study tips
  • Engage in new ideas

Tip Ten: Stay Motivated

  • Have a healthy snack
  • Stay positive
  • Make time to yourself
  • Reward yourself