No More Wrap Line

No More Wrap Line

Reese McCoy, Reporter

A lot of things at Lebanon High School have been different since we left in March. None of the teachers have things hung on their walls, no water fountains, masks, and the wrap line in the cafeteria was shut down!


In years past it has always been the most popular line, with students running into the cafeteria just to get first in the line, and others who didn’t make it as quick waiting for half or more of their lunch to just to get through.


A lot of students missed the wrap line and wish they still had it.


“I do… I miss it a lot and I miss the nice lunch ladies who worked that line,” said junior Stephen Swartz.


Even students who didn’t eat at school and brought their lunch feel the pain of the wrap line being gone.


“The wrap line sucks being gone because you could customize your order. It kind of felt like a schools version of Subway,” said junior, Toby Meyer.


With the wrap line being gone, students have to choose from the other lines now.


“I have to get Bosco Sticks on Friday and on Thursdays I get pasta from the pasta line. I don’t get the pizza, it’s not very good,” said junior, Stephen Swarts.


Will was such a big fan of the wrap line and he still remembers his exact order. Although a lot of students are upset about the wrap line being gone; a lot of them understand why it’s gone.


“It just couldn’t work with the circumstances we are in right now,” said Stephen Swarts.


Also, some students don’t miss certain parts about the wrap line. Students had thoughts about their favorite and least favorite things about the wrap line.


“I miss the customization the most and the long line the least,” said junior, Toby Meyer.