Coronavirus Themed Fall Sports Season

Coronavirus Themed Fall Sports Season

Toby Meyer, Reporter

High school athletics look a lot different this year due to COVID-19 and the athletic department has gone above and beyond to make it possible for fans to attend. The limited number of fans is not only affecting the school, but also the student-athletes. The athletic department determined the number of fans aloud to attend events based on the maximum capacity of seating for each sport. They follow that up with the placing in of the six feet apart for social distancing.


For volleyball, you can get tickets at the door as usual. The limited attendance is not expected to be met to the point where a set number of fans are allowed. Even without a ticket number being set, attendance still has not been what it usually would be.


“Without as much fans and no student section, my energy is affected because, I feel like we do better when there is a student section and when the gym is louder,” said junior, Jaycee Weaver.


For football, 250 tickets are given to the visitors and 400 are sold to Tigers fans for the home games. There are markers in place on the bleachers where fans can sit in order for them to remain socially distant. The maximum capacity determined for Lebanon’s student section is seventy students. Tickets are divided by grade level. Seniors are given thirty tickets, juniors twenty, while sophomores and freshmen are given ten each. Masks must be worn and students are to remain socially distant.


“The energy is definitely different, but in the past we have had more underclassmen than we do now so there was more energy. With COVID-19 protocols, the games have a different feel. It’s different because there are less people there, we have to wear masks and social distance, which makes it a lot harder to be louder,” said senior, Lyla Barr.


The soccer protocols are very similar to the volleyball protocols. With soccer being an outdoor sport, it makes it a little easier to set the field up with the COVID-19 protocols. Tickets are being sold as usual and there has not been a set ticket number. When attending the soccer games, masks must be worn and fans must social distance.


Girl’s golf and boy’s tennis are the other two fall sports. Both being outdoors, fans are required to wear a mask, bring their own chair, and social distance.