Students Building Homes

Haiden Gibbs, Reporter

Many students throughout Lebanon High School have the urge and interest in helping their community by building and remodeling houses. At LHS, there is a class made just for those of students. This class is called Construction Trades and is even nicknamed “trades” by the members of the class. Trades is taught by Mr. Adkins, who is also a math teacher at LHS. Most students who take this class have an interest in building or construction and would like to enter either of these fields when they graduate. Trades class helps students find their upcoming careers and future pathways.

“The main reason I really wanted to take trades was for the experience and to help my community,” said junior Jaheem Joseph. “I’ve seen some of the people around me grow-up with a bad home, and it really made me want to help change that for others.”

This is the reason why LHS offers trades class. It’s to help students involve themselves more in their community and make it to where they are wanting to make a change. It’s better to make a change for something you believe in than to sit down and do nothing about it. While trades class is exciting, it is also hard to do this year because it is yet another one of the victims of the coronavirus. On a normal year, the students would be out on the construction cite three days a week, for about three hours each day. But this year, students are only allowed to go to the cite one day out of the week.

 “We are only on cite now for about 3 hours during the week. Normally, we would have lots of more time to work, but this year is different,” said junior Logan Northcott.