Skincare by Hyram Takes Over Internet with Teen Skincare Tips


Madison Vanhowe , Reporter

Skin care junkie, Hyram Yarbro has taken the internet by storm with his skincare tips and tricks for all ages. Hyram is best known from the social media app “Tik Tok” for his tips for teen skincare. Hyram created his YouTube channel in 2018 and has accumulated over 3.6 million subscribers as well as 6 million followers on “Tik Tok.” Not only is Hyram’s following growing rapidly, but the hashtag “#skincarebyhyram” is flooded with over 1.5 billion views.


“I like watching his reaction videos to celebrity skincare routines,” said freshman Martita Sheets.


Although Hyram makes videos for all ages, most of his videos explain teen skincare specifically. He also is well- known for his videos reacting to, and creating, skincare routines for celebrities such as Dove Cameron, Sabrina Carpenter, Joey King, and many more.


Hyram suggests brands like The Ordinary, CeraVe, Paula’s Choice, Simple, and many other skincare brands. Hyram teaches his viewers not only how to take care of their skin, but also how to form a skincare routine, how to use each product, and what the ingredients mean.


Many students at Lebanon High School watch Hyram as well as take his advice by purchasing products he suggests for acne, dry skin, oily skin, and combination skin. Polls for Lebanon High School show that 25 out of the 55 students who voted watch Hyram’s videos and 16 out of the 32 students use the products he suggests.


Many students have also been positively impacted by his tips, and seen a big change in their past skin issues for the better.


“Hyram has absolutely impacted my life and my skin. I have clearer skin, and taking care of my skin has made me feel so much better about myself and makes me feel productive,” said junior, Brynn Hensley.


Hyram has had a positive impact of both the lives and skin of people all around the world. Not only is he helping people stay productive and positive, but he is also improving them physically. Many people struggle with acne, but with the advice from Hyram on how to improve their acne, they are improving every day.