Coronavirus Pauses Tiger Football


Garrett Harker, Sports Editor

As the entire world knows the Coronavirus pandemic has turned everything upside down in the last six months. It has impacted many activities we do but in the most recently it has been going through high school football programs, one of them being Lebanon High School. Due to positive tests the Tigers had to cancel three games in the middle of the season. Most teams in Indiana were fine tuning details getting closer to the playoffs the Tigers were stuck in quarantine for 14 days.

For most of the team everyone was devastated to hear that their season was being put on hold for a couple weeks. It really hit home for the seniors especially because they lost three games of their guaranteed nine games in the regular season.

“Obviously I was very upset because I knew that I was losing games that I will never get back. Friday has been something very special to me and for me it was tough losing those three games in the middle of the season,” said senior JC Reese

Just like every other high school team there are players from all classes and they were also impacted by the positive tests that stopped the season.

“We all knew that this season had potential to be great and for us to have three games taken away from us in the middle of our season was devastating. Those are the games where we start to find ourselves as a team and we just didn’t get the opportunity to play them,” said junior Kobe Ottinger

Although the Tigers are off to a slow start, they are continuing to stay positive and trust what the coaches are saying. The record shows an 0-3 team but the Tigers see something more than that.

“It is very easy to look at our record and say that we are not a good team but we are thinking the complete opposite. In the next few games our goal is to come together and play as a team and with our talent we are going to be a scary team come playoff time,” said junior Max Williams

Even though the Coronavirus took away a few games from the Tigers, they are showing positivity towards the back half of the regular season and are confident about what the team will look like in the playoffs.