10 Tips For Surviving The New School Schedule

10 Tips For Surviving The New School Schedule

Clara McQueen, Reporter

Tip 1:

  • For online learning days, make sure your learning area is quiet.
  • This gives you privacy, helps you focus, allows you to talk with your teacher, and fully engage in your class.

“I do my online school alone in my room and it has helped me because my room is very quiet. No one is in there except for me so I can focus on my online classes pretty easily,” said senior, Zachary West.


Tip 2:

  • When doing online learning, have a desk or a clean workspace available.
  • This will help you be able to have what you need out such as papers, notebooks, etc. While also having workspace for your computer to be on your zoom.

“I do my online learning at a desk and it has made it pretty easy to get my papers and notes all out and organized when I need them,” said junior, Allis Krakowiecki.


Tip 3:

  • Create a calendar and write out your assignments and when they are due on it so you don’t forget to get them done.
  • This tip will help you keep track of what you need to do in order to have no missing assignments and all your work in on time.

“I have a sticky note on my computer where I write down all of my upcoming assignments and when they are due. This has helped me to have little to no missing assignments,” said junior, Jaycee Weaver.


Tip 4:

  • Have good time management during online learning.
  • When you get off a class early, don’t go back to bed or play games, focus on getting all your online work done when given time.

“I manage my time during online school by getting my work done fairly well, especially when I have sports practice after online school days,” said sophomore, Wyatt Perdue.


Tip 5:

  • During online learning keep distractions away from yourself.
  • Having things out such as your phone, videogames, etc., can make focusing on class very hard so try to keep those things as far away from yourself as possible.

“I try my best to not be distracted during online school and I do that by going to an empty room at my house where there is nothing to distract me,” said freshman, Diogo Macias.


Tip 6:

  • Be as organized as possible.
  • Have things such as folders for each class or sections on your computer for different classes online work so you don’t lose or get any of your work mixed up.

“I have a binder that I put all of my papers in. One side of the binder is finished work and the other side is work that needs to be done,” said junior, Brayden Owens.


Tip 7:

  • Get your work done and don’t procrastinate.
  • Give yourself enough time to get your work done so you don’t have to stress last minute to get everything done.

“I do my work when its assigned to me because it’s easier and this way my work doesn’t pile up,” said junior, Maggie Scott.


Tip 8:

  • Talk to your teachers, ask them questions.
  • Learning things through a zoom class can be very hard so make sure that you aren’t afraid to ask your teachers for extra help, that’s what they are there for.

“It’s hard to talk to your teachers on zoom because when I’m virtual I feel more as if I’m watching the class rather than actually being in it, but breakout rooms have helped me to be able to talk to my teachers,” said senior, Lauren Cougar.


Tip 9:

  • Keep a time schedule handy for your online class times.
  • Since most classes let out early, knowing when to log onto your next class can be hard and confusing, so make sure you keep a time schedule handy so you aren’t late.

“I keep my schedule paper with me when I do online learning so I know where I need to be and when I need to be there,” said freshman, Ava Farris.


Tip 10:

  • Have good internet.
  • Having a good internet connection is a crucial part of online learning, so if you know you don’t have that come up with a backup plan like going to the library or McDonald’s for free Wi-Fi.

“I have had an internet malfunction during online learning and I just emailed my teachers through canvas using my phone to let them know what was going on and waited for my internet to start back up on my computer again,” said junior, Madison Vanhowe.