Safety at Lebanon High School

Safety at Lebanon High School

Mya Folden, Reporter

Here at Lebanon High School, school safety has always been taken very seriously. A lot of students and staff have mixed emotions towards it.


Officer Riche felt like we are doing a great job at keeping our school safe as best as we can even though it is different but still managing to changes.


“This year, it’s been different since summer trying to open the doors getting students back school. It took all summer to prep with the principles, come up with plans, and the hybrid schedule which was the best thing we did because we get to spend time with students, it’s easier to get to know students when half come one day and the other half come the next day,” said Officer Riche.


Nadia Jones thought the same thing about everyone doing a great job at keeping our school safe as best as we can through this weird time.


“I do feel safe at school because the janitors do a great job at keeping up with cleaning the building. I do feel like we are taking COVID seriously because we have to wear masks pretty much full time we are at school and we stay spread out as best as we can throughout the day,” said freshman, Nadia Jones.


Kayleigh Barnard thought the same thing about staying safe at school because the janitors do a great job at cleaning the building and the teachers by making sure we are washing our hands, keeping out masks on, and maintaining social distancing.


“I think we do take COVID seriously because we do a good job staying 6 feet apart, the staff always making sure we put on hand sanitizer when we enter/leave the building or a class room. That’s why I feel safe at school,” said Junior, Kayleigh Barnard.


Most students and staff feel the same about all the changes being different but trying their best to have a good attitude towards the changes and supporting one another through these times.


“I’m still continuing on doing the same thing I would normally do during the school year, keeping our students safe by supporting the students and staff and backing up every decision that is made by the principles, even when they are hard,” said Officer Riche.


Students even feel safe at the games because only so many people can buy a ticket online/at the game. We are told to practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart and wearing our masks. But we are all thankful that we still have the chance to play sports and support our tigers.


“I feel safe at school and even at the games because there can only be a certain amount of people and we always have to wear our masks but still rollin’ tigers through it all”, said Senior Braden Robbison.


This year is not like any other year, everyone has been doing a great job at supporting one another while we are all trying our best to stay safe and keep others around us safe as well.


“I don’t necessarily have any new responsibilities this year other than just being the best support system I can be for the students, staff and most importantly the principles while they are doing the best that they can making decisions for our school and keeping it safe to the best of our ability,” said Officer Riche.