New Welding Shop


Reese McCoy , Reporter

Although the quarantine is mostly viewed as negative, it did give the school a chance to add a new welding shop. The idea started with Mr. Dardini who applied for the grant for the shop around a year and a half ago.

“There’s a lot of interest in it and a lot of companies out locally that are hiring welders and manufacturers. We saw the demand from the industry and the demand from the kids and came up with the idea to make it,” said Dardini.

Plenty of students have been able to use the welding shop too, Trevor Myers is in ag power, a class about welding and said he liked using the shop.

Caden Boggess Senior at LHS said, “it’s super cool.”

Everything in the shop is new too, Mr. Dardini mention they got new boots, new welders, new robotic cutter, new downdraft tables, new air compressors, new ventilation. Also it took from April till mid-September, around 6 months, to construct everything. With the new welding shop, it has allowed many classes to do more.

“With the new shop we can now do different types of welding and other labs. Students have already started making things with the new welding machines,” said Trevor Myers.

Trevor’s class made birdhouses although not having a class that uses the shop, has already made a chair and a table to go with it. Not only is the new welding shop beneficial for students already in classes that deal with welding, it also has drawn more students to take welding classes.

Abbie Thomas who has never taken a welding class or welded before said “I love welding.” Several other people who have never taken a welding class also said they were now thinking of taking one next year.