Senior Year Finalization Tasks

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

Senior year, finally on top at last with no older kids bossing you around. Now that it is your last year, there are many things you have to fulfill in order to go to college.


Naviance is one of the main factors of your senior year. It is an icon labeled on your desktop as “LHS Naviance.” It helps students in their career and the college application process.


Mrs. Lewis, the director of guidance, described how Naviance works and the importance of it.


“Naviance works with the Common App to aid in making the college application process more streamlined for students. Counselors meetwith senior students individually to facilitate the next steps for students’ postsecondary plans,” said Mrs. Lewis.


Lewis also went on to explain how it helps lead students in determining their future steps after high school.


“Naviance is a key tool for the application process and transcript request fulfillment procedure for our seniors. In addition, Naviance offers career exploration tools to aid students in determining their next steps after high school. Through Naviance, students can access self-interest inventories, explore potential careers of interest and the educational paths as well as request transcripts be sent to schools they are applying to and request letters of recommendation,” said Mrs. Lewis.


Another task that is significant for your senior year is Financial Aid, which is funding that is available towards your post-secondary education.


“Financial Aid is another key item in this process. We’re hosting it this year via Zoom, in line of our usual, in-person financial aid night to support students and families in the financial aid process and completing the FAFSA,” said Mrs. Lewis.


Below is a link to the Senior Checklist with tasks you need to complete in order to go to a secondary education and a list of scholarships that are updated regularly.