Tiger Football Gets Their First Win


Haiden Gibbs , Reporter

This week begins a hopeful winning streak for the Tigers as they beat the Crawfordsville Athenians 39-6 last Friday night. It was a tough fought battle between the two, but in the end the Tigers came out on top. The Tiger offense was led by Junior running back, Trevor Winkles, who rushed for 230 yards and 3 touchdowns, while quarterback, Garrett Harker, threw for 89 more yards and 2 touchdowns.

“I think the reason why we won that game,” said senior Caden Boggess, “is because no one on the Crawfordsville defense could stop our rushing attack. We could run whatever play, at whatever time and we thought we’d get a touchdown out of it.”

“We won this game because of the way we worked together as a team,” said junior Nick Finney, “the past couple games we weren’t doing our jobs and weren’t trusting each other. This game was different. We trusted each other.”

Momentum, in the sport of football, and most other sports as well, is as important to a team as knowing the rules of the sport. Without momentum, there is no way for a team to win any of their games or matches. It is vital for a team so that they can start rolling and knowing what they can do heading into the rest of the season or even playoffs.

“I think momentum is extremely important going into the playoffs,” said junior Drew Terrill, “rattling off three straight wins before the playoffs can really help us find our groove.”