The Importance of Voting

Abrianna Murphy, Reporter

This election year won’t be as different as you may think. In the state of Indiana, the election is on Tuesday, November 3, and the registration deadline was October 5, 2020. You can vote by online, mail, and person each of these options will follow Covid-19 guidelines especially if you vote by mail or online. When history teacher Mr. DeBard was asked, he said, “Voting is important because it represents that people have a voice in the government.”


An issue the government has with voting is that there are not enough of the younger population who can vote are not voting. This is for the reason that they feel as if their opinions don’t matter, if truly thought about a majority of people who are older and are voters think that the younger minds don’t know about the country so they shouldn’t vote.


They are wrong, if anything the younger voters should vote due to the fact that they are adapting as society adapts and are becoming more open minded than the older generations before them.  Benjamin Franklin said on the eve of the ratification “We gave you a republic if you can keep it.”


Over the years since this quote was said our government has changed sometimes for the better and there were times where it became corrupt but in the end we as a country have come out stronger and we will continue to be stronger than before.


“The importance of younger voters to vote is to get their voice heard because most politicians talk to the older generation due to the fact that they talk about topics they don’t think affect them,” said government teacher Mr. Howe.