Improving the Sports Complex

Riley Jump, Reporter

Sports are a major part of the tiger lifestyle and every athlete was excited when they announced the improvement to the sports complex here at LHS. These additions include a new turf field, lights, pole vault, and updated tennis courts.


“This project was paid for by an LCSC bond that also included a chiller on the roof and additions to the wielding lab. We decided to complete the project of the turf field to help all user groups (band, athletic, and community) still have the ability to use the area even during poor weather conditions,” said athletic director Phil Levine.


Our football program was looking forward to this season even more than before they heard about the construction of a new turf field.


“I was super excited when I heard the information of the new turf field. It’s so important to give these kids a good facility that they can grow and learn in as players and people. During the times that we are in now, I thought it was incredible that they were still able to improve the complex for these athletes,” said football defensive coach Debard.


The process of constructing these new courts and the field took lots of time and effort by many workers.


“Due to the pandemic and loss of spring sports, the project was able to start earlier. The Motz company was able to install the field with stabilizing the ground and installing a drainage system. This was followed by adding the turf, asphalt for track events, and the field markings. This began in April and we were able to finish it by August,” said Levine.


When the complex was opened up to the public for the game, many community members were shocked with how nice it looked. Many players also felt that they were able to perform much better on the turf than on the previous grass field.


“It makes the game move at a faster pace and it’s a lot easier to run on. Going out onto the new field, I think we all played much better because it was like a fresh start.  The turf also makes the football program look a lot nicer for the fans and visiting teams,” said junior football player Trevor Winkles.