How the Election is Shaping Up


Alex Whipkey, Editor

With only a month left until election day, we have finally entered the home stretch. Donald Trump and Joe Biden stand with opposing sides of a divided country behind them. Maybe after the election, we will be able to set our differences aside and come together to sort out our issues, making genuine efforts to improve the lives of everyone in the nation? Haha.


Much like the rest of the year, watching the election unfold is like watching a car crash in slow motion. General consensus seems to be that Biden won the first Presidential Debate on Tuesday simply because he followed the rules of the debate and gave mostly coherent answers, at least by Biden’s standards. Trump did not follow the rules of the debate, constantly going over his time, interrupting the moderator, and talking over Biden. Trump also levied personal attacks against Biden, including attacking Biden’s son. The president has also been the target of public outrage for failing to denounce the Proud Boys, a far-right white nationalist group. Compared to all this, Biden’s thoroughly unremarkable debate performance has been seen as a positive.


Most polls have Biden winning against Trump, whose approval rating has taken somewhat of a pounding this year with many Americans feeling unsatisfied with his administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the urban unrest which gripped the country early this summer. Still, even though most people’s votes are locked in, Trump has a very real chance of winning again, especially since he has overcome greater odds before.


“I think that COVID and the response to it is what will prevent Trump from winning the election,” said Mr. Smock. “I am not sure and it could go either way, but if that is what happens, that will be what does him in.”


Just earlier today, the election took yet another unexpected turn: the president has tested positive for COVID-19. Now, with only a month until the election, the president is supposed to quarantine for two weeks. Of course, knowing Trump, no one can say whether he actually will quarantine, but this development will be guaranteed to have at least some effect on the politics of the next month. He and the first lady are currently experiencing mild symptoms.