Going Back to School Four Days a Week

Brayton Bowen , Reporter

With the Coronavirus pandemic hitting virtually everywhere in the United States, many people had uncertainties about student going back to school for a small period of time per week. In fact, many corporations did not even allow students to go back for even one day a week and still hold true to that. With Indiana recently moving into stage five of the COVID protocol, Lebanon Schools made the decision to send all kids back to school for four days a week. How will student react to the schedule change?

Junior Gage Miller said, β€œIt is nice that we are back in school four days a week. I love being able to see my friends and fellow classmates as well. Also, not having to do E-learning is a plus for some people. Some people work better hands on, and by going back to school four days a week might solve some grade problems that some people have.”

Many people that I have talked to seem to agree with Gage. Going back to school four days a week instead of two will solve the many problems created by the virtual learning that we started out in.

Junior Michael Richwine said, β€œI like the in person learning much better because the teachers are assigning less work. I think that teachers assigning us less work and students actually being in classrooms to learn lessons will get rid of some of the grade and missing assignment problems we have.”

The consensus that I am getting from students is that everyone loves E-learning just based on the fact that the students do not have to leave their bed to do school work. But, just as much as the students liked the E-learning, they like seeing their friends and getting more engaged even more.