Behind the Scene of Ms. Hill


Mya Folden, Reporter

Ms. Hill is a biology teacher here at Lebanon High School. This year is her 36th year teaching. She went to Pike High school and graduated from Ball State University and went to Indiana University for one year.


If you don’t know Ms. Hill, she loves to travel with family or friends, she loves blasting her “old fart” music in the classroom when her students have work time, she loves landscaping and taking care of her yard, and going on walks with her dog Jasmine. But, the most important thing you should know about Ms. Hill is that she has a heart of gold and treats everyone like her friend and is so kind to everyone. She says “people should be treated like people and that’s why I am kind to everyone and want to get to know my students.”


Ms. Hill also grew up loving sports. She played volleyball, basketball, and swimming. Her favorite sport was volleyball but excelled in basketball in high school and college receiving many awards and even being in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.


Ms. Hill also likes to go around the school and pick up trash and even crush cans in homeroom because she likes to recycle and help keep LHS clean while getting more steps in for the day. She normally gets around 15,000 steps in every day.


Ms. Hill is a very kind lady and will do anything for anyone if they need her help. She has made great relationships with her students and will always put a smile on anyone’s face and be a light in anyone’s day. It really is a blessing to have Ms. Hill here at LHS because she is a joy to have around and if you ever need a friend you can always go to Ms. Hill.