Affordable Halloween Costumes


Haiden Gibbs , Reporter

With Halloween around the corner, everyone is rushing to get their Halloween costumes, even if that means the costume will cost them a few extra dollars. No one wants to spend the extra money on costumes, but people are having to since they waited so late to buy them. There is another alternative, though. You can make them yourself!


“My friends and I all made cheap Taco Bell sauce costumes for about five dollars each,” said senior Jessica Lehmkuhler. “It was so much cheaper and actually more fun than if we just bought them somewhere.”


When making cheap Halloween costume alternatives there comes a few bonuses and perks, those being keeping your wallet full and even having more freedom to be what you want. If you were to make your own costume, you get full choice and range on what you can be. There’s no costume company to hold back your imagination. You can be whatever comes to mind, either that being a made-from-scratch pirate or a princess dress that your grandma sewed for you.


“I think that making your own Halloween costume makes it so you can have free-rain on your whole outfit. There’s no limits to your costume, other than maybe someone’s imagination,” said freshman Elijah Bridges.


“I would have liked it if I had made my own costumes when I was little. It honestly sounds like a lot more fun that way and I would have also had more freedom to be what I wanted to be. I was always restricted by to what the costume stores had,” said senior Matthew Coddington.