One of LHS’s Brightest Teachers


Toby Meyer, Reporter

Biology teacher Luanna Hill is one of the most popular teachers here at Lebanon High School. Everyone seems to care about her just as she cares for everyone else.


Hill attended Pike High School in Indianapolis, Indiana. She excelled as an athlete at Pike playing four years of varsity basketball and being selected to Indiana’s third ever Indiana All Star Team. This led to her 2016 induction into the Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame.


She went on to attend Indiana University for a year where she played college basketball and received a master’s degree. She finished her college life with the master’s degree from Indiana University and two undergraduate degrees as well after transferring to Ball State University.


She has been teacher for 36 years and this year marks her 23rd at LHS after teaching at Cardinal Ritter High School. Hill knew she wanted to be in the classroom as a teacher rather than a counselor or a school phycologist.


This biology teacher is known to create a sense of unity in her classroom and a comfort level among students.


“I treat you guys [the students] like people. I always will talk to you trying to get to know you guys and just to let you guys know, ‘hey you’re a person, I’m a person, we may have the same interests, we may not,” Hill said. She wants all of her students to have “just the love of learning.”


One thing many people don’t know about Hill is her passion in gardening and landscaping.


“I like to fiddle fart around in my yard with the gardening and to be honest probably more of the tending to the grasses themselves,” Hill said.


She also looks out for the school’s recycling and that explains the crushing of the cans that many of you might have wondered about at some point. Although she is “out of the business” this year, she would typically go around picking up trash and/or recycling around the building during down time or prep periods.


“One, I was trying to help with the recycling of school and all of that stuff so yeah I was a dumpster diver, but also I would recycle them so the aluminum could be reused,” Hill said.


One word she would describe herself as is “off-the-cuff.”