An Unfamiliar Fall Break

Toby Meyer, Reporter

This year’s fall break schedule looks a lot different than it usually does. On a normal year we would have a full week off, but this year we will only have two days.


This decision comes due to starting school late at the beginning of the year. This year, Monday through Wednesday will be eLearning.


eLearning doesn’t mean online school though. Those three days will be without Zoom classes and will look a lot similar to the abrupt end to last year’s school year.


“Although I don’t believe it’s ideal, I think they did a good job coming up with kind of an alternative knowing that we have to have 180 days of school and we started late. This was a good place to make it up. Even though it’s eLearning, people can still go someplace and still do something so it shouldn’t take away from fall break. I know as teachers that we want to be on fall break too, so I think we’ll probably give you guys minimal work, respect your time, your ability to be able to do things and be with your family to have a normal fall break,” P.E. teacher William Wright said.


Mr. Wright plans to have all of his assignments posted before the eLearning period even starts.


“I think it’s a great compromise based on taking a week off of school since we are behind five days. We have to get the 180 so I think it was a good compromise because people can do the eLearning and a lot of my students are going to do it Friday, Saturday, Sunday so they have the whole week off,” math teacher Marc Adkins said. “I will have it [the assignments] posted by Thursday so if kids want to get started early, they can get a jump on it and knock it out before that week.”


Students tend to find the eLearning not very beneficial just as some of the teachers do.


“I feel as if we don’t get much education out of eLearning days. Our time would be better spent attending the full week in person or just having the whole week off,” sophomore Alex Emenhiser said.


Every student will have their own routine that is unique to them when it comes to getting their work done. Some will be early birds and others will take some time to wake up and gradually get to work.


“I’m going to wake up early because I want to get my stuff done early so I can be outside and play golf,” Emenhiser said.