Freshman Take The Stage: Frozen Jr.


Madison Vanhowe , Reporter

On October 1st through the 4th,  the Black Box Theatre Company put on a production Frozen Jr.  They had auditions in December and started rehearsals in January.  The show was supposed to take place in early June, but due to COVID-19 those plans changed.

The group couldn’t meet in person from mid-March until August.  In order to work around this while still learning more of their show, there were zoom calls used for rehearsals.

“The directors had a hard time knowing how to work the Zoom.” said freshman Anna Hale who played Princess Anna.

“It was probably harder to focus at home, but we all still worked and they helped a lot.”

All of the spring musicals at the Black Box are double casted.  This means that two people play the same role, and there are 4 different show dates, two with one cast and two with the other.

“We are leads for two nights and then in one of the chorus classes for our other two nights, so we practice once or twice a week for our main role and once a week for our chorus role,” said Amelia Schoeff who played Elsa.

The cast consists of preschoolers to 8th graders. Typically, there wouldn’t be any high schoolers in the spring musical at the Black Box, but because the show was postponed, the kids who started rehearsals as 8th graders are now high schoolers.

For all of the freshman that were in this show, Frozen Jr. was their last main Black Box production.

“I feel relieved, but I also feel like there’s something missing because theatre is part of me now,” said freshman Craig Reynolds who played Hans.

For freshmen Emma Hornbecker and Craig Reynolds, the best part of Black Box is getting to meet all of the people.

“A lot of the friends that I have now I didn’t know until Black Box, and now we are really good friends.  We talk to each other all the time, so many relationships and memories I’ve made have come from Black Box,” said Reynolds.

Frozen Jr. and the Black Box Theatre Company impact many kids in many different ways.

“Rehearsing for a show helps with studying,” said freshman Drew Reeves who played Kristoff.  “It meant a lot to me.  I had a feature role that I really wanted, I got to be there with all of my friends as Miss Emily.  It was a really good experience for me and anyone else who might want to do it,” said Reynolds.


You can see some of these freshman actors and actresses take the stage again in The Black Box’s next production of Into the Woods on January 29th-31st and February 5th-7th!