Thanksgiving VS Christmas


Haiden Gibbs , Reporter

Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two most celebrated and loved holidays all throughout the United States. Many Americans argue amongst themselves, debating which holiday has the most perks and more importantly which one is the best.


Thanksgiving has all the food you could ever want, with turkey, green beans, chicken. You name it and Thanksgiving has it. Even with all the food there comes the time that you get to spend with your family, either sitting down and watching football or just conversating about how you and your family has spent the year. However, Christmas has its own perk. Presents. Christmas has all of what Thanksgiving has plus the added bonus of both receiving presents and giving them. As we all know Christmas isn’t about getting, but giving.


“My favorite holiday is actually Thanksgiving. I just really like how there’s so much food for me and my family to eat at Thanksgiving compared to at Christmas,” said freshman Eli Bridges. “My mom makes this really good chip dip that she only makes for it and that’s what I’m really looking forward to this year.”


“It’s definitely Christmas for me. I just love waking up in the morning to see that Santa came to my house. If I’m lucky this year, I might not get coal in my stocking again,” said senior Caden Boggess.


“Thanksgiving is just better to me. I like how I get to watch football while also eating turkey and food with my family,” said junior Drew Terrill.

“Christmas is better because wrestlers don’t get Thanksgiving. We can’t eat too much since we have to stay in shape for season. Plus during Christmas I get presents and I like that a lot,” said sophomore Kenny Getch.