Lebanon Charisma Sets Sail!


Lebanon High School’s show choir, Charisma has been doing many things to prep for their 2020- 2021 season. From perfecting dances to learning to perform they are taking many actions to prepare for the Charisma competition season. This year’s theme for their set it “Come Sail Away.” This includes songs such as “Come Sail Away” and “Stormfront”


“A student recommended the “Come Sail Away” theme along with some other themes to think about before our season started” said Choir Director, Mrs. Schoeff. “This theme really stuck out to me because I feel it will really captivate our audience.”

Charisma began learning their dances in early September with choreographers, Marah Cover and Eric Hayes. Cover and Hayes have been choreographing the show choir group since the 2019-2020 season last year. The show will consist of 5 songs, 4 of which will have a dance number included. For first semester Charisma is a class that meets every other day, but the second semester, they will meet after school to rehearse and prepare for their upcoming competition season.


“Everyone is picking up the choreography faster than normal” said Senior, and dance captain for the Charisma show choir group, Tucker Ransom. “In my many years of Charisma I think the newer choreographers was the sort of rebirth Charisma needed.”


For the newer restrictions with Covid-19 the class is being held in the auditorium for social distancing purposes, as well as masks being required in order to sing. Research shows that aerosols when singing are greater than just a speaking aerosol, therefore many precautions are being taken in order to help Charisma rehearse safely. With these restrictions, newer members are experiencing a whole different perspective in the world of Show Choir.


“I expected a lot more singing than dancing” said, Freshman Hosannah Latham. “But it has been the other way around and we have focused more on the dancing aspect this year so far.”


Charisma Competitions will begin with an invitational hosted by Charisma, here at Lebanon High School, followed by competitions throughout the month of February.


“I am confident this will be a great year for Charisma, if not the greatest” said dance captain and Senior, Macy Hill. “We have a new and exciting theme that will truly be telling a story.”

You can catch Charisma “Sailing away” at many different schools on these dates:

1/16/21 – LHS Show Choir Invitational

1/23/21 – Twin Lakes Competition

2/13/21 – Edgewood Competition

2/27/21 – Mooresville Competition

3/5/21 – Avon Competition