Tigers Take Down Western

Tigers Take Down Western

Riley Jump, Reporter

During the semi-finals in sectional play, the tiger football players took down the Western Panthers with a 25-29 final score.


The Tigers started the game strong when junior Brayton Bowen was able to make a 7-yard run early in the game to get points on the board for the Tigers. Not soon after junior Trevor Myers added points with a field goal.


Throughout the whole game the Tigers were able to keep adding points with a touchdown from junior Hunter Crew and two touchdowns from junior Jaheem Joseph.


Many of the players were nervous to play Western this year due to the close game they had last year in sectional play. Despite the nerves, the Tigers were able to defeat Western and there were many things that played into that.


β€œI think we were able to be successful against the Panthers because we finally came out and played together as a team and that led to a win,” said senior Nicholas Kaylor.


After the win, the boys began preparing for Roncalli Saturday morning. There were many things that went well for the Tigers, but also many things that needed improvement. When it came to preparing for this game, they took many different approaches.


β€œTo play against Roncalli, we are just going to prepare better than we did for Western. A struggle our boys have is confidence when it comes to playing a big-name school. So this week in practice we are focusing on the challenging the players mentally to get them ready,” said offensive coordinator Hiatt.