Fantasy Football In Full Swing

Toby Meyer

Fall doesn’t only mean football, it also means fantasy football. It’s one of the most fun and popular things to do with the college and NFL seasons.


It’s a fun game where a group of friends can draft a team of NFL or college players and play for money, gifts, trophies and of course, bragging rights.


Each week, the players on the team are projected points based on how the fantasy football experts think they’ll perform. Leagues are customizable in many different ways from a points, trades and roster prospective.


“I’ve been playing since seventh or eighth grade. My favorite part is losing every year because my team always disappoints me,” junior Kamden McCollum said.


The name of the game is strategy. For example, who to pick on your team, when and why. It comes down to luck more than anything though, as injuries can wipe out your team very quickly.


According to the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association, 45.9 million people 18 years or older in the United States alone, played fantasy football in 2019.


Many entertainment spots and restaurants embrace the game of fantasy football. Buffalo Wild Wings will have fantasy football drafts and will give away league champion banners for those who win their leagues.

There are multiple different places you can play. Yahoo! offers one of the first ever free mainstream fantasy football services. ESPN,, CBS, FleaFlicker, Fox Sports, My Fantasy League, Fan Duel and ESPN Sub Games are among the most popular places people play their leagues. There of course is the do it yourself way too. Many of the old school fantasy players will play mainly without any technology and do all of the points, projections and draft boards themselves.


“I’ve been playing for three years. I love being able to have other players that my friends want,” junior Levi Plummer said. “They can offer other players for that one player. I also like having bragging rights when I beat someone’s team.”