2020 Brings Us Multiple Black Fridays


Toby Meyer, Reporter

The term “Black Friday” originated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the 1960’s. Police in the city were frustrated about the streets being clogged with motorists and pedestrians, so they somehow came up the name for that day “Black Friday” and it stuck.


In a perfect world or at least a normal year, Black Friday would be on November 27 in 2020. But this year, major Black Friday shopping destinations are making their Black Friday look a little different as many things have so far throughout this crazy year.


Walmart has really been the first big name to announce their compromised Black Friday plans for 2020 and they certainly won’t be the last. They have practically turned the most popular shopping day of the year into the entire month of November.


America’s largest retailer will use three weekends in the month of November as Black Friday. Their sales will be up on the website a few days before the first weekend of in-store shopping. Target and Macy’s, among others, are also planning on the same type of scheduling.


“I love Black Friday shopping. I’ll probably be shopping mostly for Christmas gifts for family and friends,” junior Ella Taylor said.


This year, just like every year, Black Friday is a hotspot for the most popular technology products, clothing items, and everything that’s trending.


Some of this year’s most anticipated products to be shopped on Black Friday include the whole family of Apple products. The iPhone, HomePod Mini, and MacBook Pro have all recently come out with their latest versions.


According to Adobe Analytics, the online sales in 2019 for Black Friday and Thanksgiving combined was $11.9 billion. $7.5 billion of that was spent on Black Friday while the other $4.4 billion was spent on Thanksgiving. That turned out to be 20.2% more than in 2018. That’s nothing new, as spending was up 17.9% from 2016 to 2017 and 19.7% from 2017 to 2018.


While they might not get the full Black Friday experience in 2020, some LHS students are going Black Friday shopping for the first time.


“Personally I don’t think a large group of people will affect me,” senior Reed Bean said. “I plan on going with my girlfriend this year. I’ve never done it so I’m excited.”