New School Board Members

New School Board Members

Leah Bashor, Reporter

On October 6th early voting started for the November 3rd elections. Along with the presidential election, there was also a school board election. 3 members won a school board position, Trey Hendrix, Tiffany Jones, and Craig Parks.


Trey Hendrix is a first-class patrol officer at the Lebanon Police department. He has been working in the community for about 6 years now and enjoys interacting with everyone in the community. “In my spare time, my wife and I love to travel and spend time with our families, dogs, and friends,” said Hendrix. He has also going into his 8th year of coaching in the school system. “I plan to get in there and learn as much as I can, being a new board member I will have many things to learn and understand,” said Hendrix.


Hendrix went to LA Café after the polls were closed on Tuesday November 3rd.  “When the first count of votes came in, my wife and I were getting out of the car. The final count was in and it was awesome to know that people believed in me,” said Hendrix.


Tiffany Jones is a wife and mom to 4 children. “I work for a real estate title insurance company and I stay busy with my children’s activities,” said Jones. She also stays busy with church, friends, and family. “There’s never a dull moment,” said Jones. Jones wants to make sure the students are prepared for their future.


Jones said she did not really celebrate. “We went around town and picked up the campaign yard signs, we then came home and relaxed. It was a long day,” said Jones.


Craig Parks is a husband and father of 3 children. “I love to spend as much time with my kids as possible,” said Parks. Parks is a proud graduate of Purdue University and is a civil engineer. “For the past 5 years I worked as the Boone County engineer and director of the highway department, but I recently took a new position as director of transportation at USI Consultants, an Indianapolis based civil engineering design firm,” said Parks. Parks is also an active member of Freedom Church and is on the board for the Lebanon Education foundation.


“After we found out of my victory, my wife and I drove all around the district and picked up all of my campaign signs, then came home and rested in hopes to recover from a long day at the polls,” said Parks. In the upcoming weeks Parks plans to host a small celebration dinner for some of his most vocal supporters.