Biden vs. Climate Change


No matter what happens in the next two months, the Biden Presidency will begin on January 20. One thing that Biden has been adamant on throughout his campaign is the importance of curbing climate change before it is too late.


The largest generator of carbon dioxide emissions in the world is China, which produced 10.06 gigatons in 2018. However, despite having less than a quarter of China’s population, the United States produced more than half as much carbon dioxide – 5.41 gigatons. Being by far the largest of the top 5 per capita emitters, the US has been a major obstacle to solving global warming.


There is no denying that the Trump administration did not help our status, with its increased emphasis on drilling for oil and gas and its reversal of Obama-era pollution standards. Now, Biden is set to once again reverse the country’s stance and try to bring it in line with some of the European climate leaders and re-enter the Paris climate accord.


With Biden’s election, the goals of the Paris Agreement could plausibly be met. The President-elect’s climate plan includes clean energy investments, the end of fossil fuel subsidies, and a plethora of other measures to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, which is a common goal among Paris Accord members.


Of course, we cannot do this alone. The Paris Agreement aims to keep the temperature rise by 2100 to closer to 1.5 degrees Celsius as opposed to the predicted, much more catastrophic 2 degrees Celsius that we are currently on track for.