Disney + Movie, Clouds

Disney + Movie, Clouds

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

Clouds is based on a true story of Zach Sobiech which is created from the book, “Clouds: A Memoir” written by Zachs mom. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at age 14 with a destructive tumor of the bone. In the movie, they find out he is terminal and he later dies a little over a week after his 18th birthday in 2013.


The film is a story about his last months, his first love, his best friend, family, his hit song, and the impact music had on him during his diagnosis.


Most viewers said it was a tear jerker but enjoyed watching a true story based on an impactful teen.


“I really like movies that are based off true story’s and it also had some pretty catchy songs in it but it made me sob,” said freshman Emma Bailey.


There are many takeaways from the film but many people took the idea away to learn that life is short and we aren’t always guaranteed tomorrow.


“I learned that it was based off of a true story, because I had no clue of that until the very end of the movie. It was also just a reminder that life is short so we need to live it to the fullest as much as we can,” said senior Bethany Wilson.


Clouds is very popular and 95% of people have liked this movie.


“People should watch the movie because it is inspirational and makes you appreciate the life and the people you have,” said senior J.C. Reese.