Lunch at Home. What are you fixing?

Lunch at Home. What are you fixing?

Cami Deakins, Reporter

With quarantines happening unexpectedly everywhere we turn, it seems, we can’t be eating fast food all the time. So, what are students fixing at home?


“For a while my mom was buying lean cuisines, lunchables, and other meals that can be fixed fast because lunches aren’t that long. But most of the time I like to fix soup or pizza rolls, something quick,” said freshman Gabby Deakins.


It can be challenging to come up with something to eat or fix during the short lunchtimes we have. It’s difficult to go out and grab food and come back in time to join the next zoom class. But students are making it work, and becoming chefs in the process.


“I like to fix myself a salad with a protein shake, egg and spinach burrito or a chicken bowl. They’re healthier options and don’t take long to prepare,” said junior Abbie Thomas.


While it’s okay to go eat fast food every now and then, eating food at home that you prepared can make you feel accomplished and that you’re going your part during the pandemic.


“It varies everyday but usually chicken and rice or scrambled eggs and if not, then whatever is around the house. I try not to go out too much but sometimes I have nothing at home. I would say lack of variety of food at home and time are the most challenging to overcome for lunch, especially when I use every free moment I have to finishing my 50 problem math worksheet that I get every night,” said junior Nick Finney.


“I like eating lunch at home because I have more variety than at school. It also gives me the chance to make some culinary recipes that we made in class,” said sophomore Alexandria Barr.


We are all in this situation together. The best way to improve the situation is to make the most out of it and try new things.