The Return to the Couch


Abrianna Murphy, Reporter

As we all know you can only do so many new things till you get a little bored so, to help us get past that boredom we have most likely found ourselves re-watching reruns.  Which is perfectly normal for everyone even if they don’t like to admit it to them themselves and who can judge us except ourselves, no one can that’s the answer. So other than the most common reruns us teens like to watch like; Friends, The Office, Criminal Minds, ext. Some teens watch not so common ones.


Sophomore, Jack Rasmussen said, “Recently I’ve been re-watching Gilmore Girls.

Which is a show that was aired in the wonderful year of 2006 with a grand total of seven seasons. Each jammed pack with heart felt, will they just get together already moment unleashed in every episode also a great recommendation to anyone interested.


Freshman, Kira King said she has been watching the beloved series of, Heart of Dixie.


Now this show has four seasons and was aired in 2014 for a quick idea of what this show is like. It is about someone losing their way after thinking they have their whole life figured out. So even though it is not what they wanted, sometimes it is best to go back home and figure out a plan.


Junior, Ryan Shepherd said, “Around March I binged Parks and Recreation. Then in May I binged Avatar the Last Airbender.”


Although the more popular choice when it comes to reruns many choose The Office but what most don’t know is that there is a show similar to that lovely show and it is Parks and Recreation. Which is a glory within itself it is like the office but in a different setting and environment. Avatar the Last Airbender though is a classic nostalgic show for almost any kid that watched it growing up. It truly is one of the best shows to date.