Colts First in AFC South

Colts First in AFC South

Haiden Gibbs, Reporter

The Indianapolis Colts finally regained the title of AFC South leaders this past week, as they beat their division rival, the Tennessee Titans. The battle of the AFC South has been ongoing this year since the Colts have been second behind the Titans for most of the year. Indianapolis has historically been the team to come out of the AFC South, but in the past few years since the leaving of quarterback Andrew Luck they haven’t been able to win very many games. But since the leaving of Luck, the Colts have gained on what some would say was their weakest link. The defense and the offensive line. Indianapolis, this year, has arguably one of the best offensive lines led by left guard Quenton Nelson and defense led by linebacker Darius Leonard. The Colts have recently picked up steam and hope to continue to do so against the Green Bay Packers this Sunday at 4:25 ET.

“It was a fun game to watch. I loved how the Colt’s defense carried themselves against a team that had one of the best running backs in the league. They really shut down Derrick Henry and that was a big part of why they won,” said junior Drew Terrill.

“Momentum is a big part of all sports. I think that the Colts won when they blocked the punt and returned it for a touchdown. That play even got my dad and I fired up,” said senior Jessica Lehmkuhler.

“I love watching the Colts play, especially their offensive line. They are so good. Quenton Nelson is my favorite and I love watching him play every Sunday. One day I hope to be as good as him,” said freshman Eli Bridges.