Thrift Flips and Finds


Leah Bashor , Reporter

Thrifting has become a very popular thing to do recently. You can find a lot of good deals and cute clothes. At Lebanon High School there are many students who go thrifting and some who have even started their own thrifting account to sell clothes on.


Freshman, Sarah Keith loves to thrift and has found a lot of great items. “I prefer Goodwill, it is cheaper and better for the environment, but I also go to Salvation Army,” said Keith. Keith looks for baggy jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, and sneakers. “My favorite find so far has been a sage green knit tank top and a pair of black and white Jordan 2’s,” said Keith.


Senior, Elijah Burgess has been thrifting a lot recently has found some great items as well. “I prefer Goodwill as it is most accessible.” Said Burgess. Burgess prefers thrifting over regular shopping because you can find more unique pieces that others don’t own. “My favorite item I have found is a shirt from that says, “protect kids not guns.” I was super excited because the shirt retails for $50 and I got it for $5, and it represents an issue that I’m very vocal about,” said Burgess.


Senior, Melissa Nelson likes thrifting so much she has started her own thrifting shop on Depop and a thrifting shop on Instagram. Nelson has always loved fashion and wanted to make it into a hobby. “My shop has only been open for a week but it’s really fun and I’ve already made around $80. My favorite part has been creating the pictures and making them aesthetically pleasing,” said Nelson. Nelson goes to the same places as everyone else but has found great things. “My best find has been a Supreme shirt worth $100-$200 and I got it for $5.


If you are wanting to take up a new hobby, thrifting is definitely the way to go. Thrifting is very rewarding and you can find some awesome items for cheap.