The Gifts at the Top of the List

Haley Pierce , Editor

Around the holiday times many teenagers have a top gift idea they want to ask for Christmas. With Christmas being right around the corner and many new games and apple products, there is a bog variety of things for us to ask for.


Kobe Ottinger and Charli Albea are just a few students here at Lebanon High School that have looked in new games and electronics for Christmas.


“My top Christmas gift I’m asking for is the Play Station 5. The reason I want this is because it’s the newest consul out since the PS4 and I have had every PlayStation since it came out, I got the PS4 the day it came out, so I am excited for the PS5,” said junior, Kobe Ottinger.


“I am asking for the iPhone 12 because my phone has been lagging and I need a new one. I also love the new cameras on this phone,” said sophomore, Charli Albea.


According to the search interest in the PS5 has been more than the Xbox series X, as many states here in the United States make up 76% of searches for the PS5.


For the iPhone 12, it is the improved cameras and support for faster 5g cellular networks. According to the iPhone 12 has two versions, the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini. Many people are choosing the regular iPhone 12 as it is a size of a regular phone. The iPhone was released on Friday, October 23 and has reached an estimated 1.7 million units sold.


Along with students asking for electronics for Christmas, many are interested in new styles of new clothes. That calls for students to ask for new clothing.


Addison Lollar, Belle Echeverria, Brooke Reeves, and Lillie Hollingsworth are just a handful of students at LHS that are asking for new clothes as their top gift for Christmas.


“I want lots of new clothes so I can change my style and have cute outfits,” said sophomore, Addison Lollar.


“I am asking for Lulu Lemon leggings because they are super cute,” said junior, Brooke Reeves.



“I just asked for new clothes because I am in need,” said freshman, Lillie Hollingsworth.


“The top thing on my list is the doc martens because I’ve wanted them forever but they are so expensive so I waited until Christmas so I didn’t have to buy them myself,” said senior Belle Echeverria.


From being in need of clothes to clothes being too expensive, that gives you a reason to ask clothes as your top gift.