Stockings For Veterans


Hallie Montgomery, Editor

On Thursday, December 3rd a few members at the American Legion in Lebanon gathered and made stockings for Veterans in need who are in nursing homes nearby. They also sponsor veterans in Lafayette and some from the Boone county home.

Janet Summers has been a member since this stocking tradition started and has contributed with their generous generations.

“I remember starting this in 2012 when we had about 90 stockings. Now it has been going for nine years. In the past years, we would pick a veteran family who was in need and bought their whole family’s gift wish list,” said legion member Janet Summers.

President of the Legion Women’s Auxiliary is Melinda Tanselle and she strongly believes in supporting veterans.

“The legion is all about supporting veterans that have been in the military services so that is why we go to nursing homes, the VA hospital, and things like that so we can donate to those in need,” said Melinda Tanselle.

Last year, they had four young veterans deployed in Afghanistan and they sent them girl scout cookies and care packages.

A few members on the same night had made a motion to donate money to Hattie B. Stokes for students in need of coats and clothes.