Making The Most of Winter Break

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

How to make the most of winter break:

  1. Take a real break. You more than likely have spent the past few months doing some studying and a lot of school work.
  2. Go outside, get some fresh air and clear your mind.
  3. Bond with your family, this pandemic really gives you time to connect.
  4. Eat right but still have fun with some Christmas desserts.
  5. Practice a sport or a hobby, without having to worry on all this homework.
  6. Exercise, you are on break so you finally have time to.
  7. Clean up and stay organized so your mindset is happier.


The week before our winter break turned into a virtual week so some students are considering this a three-week winter break. Although there is still a pandemic, students are very thrilled and found ways around the virus to still make it a worthy break.


Evan Wolfgang is excited about our break because he gets to do what he loves best which is acting.


“I will be acting in and acting as a producer for a film adaptation for Hamlet,” said senior Evan Wolfgang.


Dilynn Shockley is excited for break because she planned a getaway to Florida.


“For winter break I will be going to Florida, I am most excited to see my family because they all live far so I don’t get to see them often,” said sophomore Dilynn Shockley.


Maggie Scott is excited for break because she is going to be 17 and gets to spend quality time with her family.


“I’m excited just because it’s another year. I am also going to be 17 and I’m excited to spend time with my family over Christmas. Plus, New Year’s Eve since it’s the day after my birthday,” said junior, Maggie Scott.