The Biden Cabinet


Alex Whipkey, Editor

With inauguration day just a month away, president-elect Joe Biden’s new cabinet is well underway. These will be some of the most important people in the United States Government in the next four years – they will decide policy, advise the president, and will have the power to sway the entire country.


First, the next White House Chief of Staff: Ron Klain. Klain is a veteran of the Obama administration (a pattern which we will see more of with Biden’s other picks). He will now hold one of the most influential positions in the new government, as he will be in charge of the White House offices and will have daily contact with the president. Klain is a lawyer and a veteran of the Obama administration (a pattern which we will see more of with Biden’s other picks).


Jake Sullivan will be taking his old post as National Security Adviser. In the same position several years ago, he played an instrumental role in negotiating the Iran nuclear deal. Sullivan will be the lead adviser to the president on decisions related to security, as the name suggests.


Janet Yellen will be the Treasury Secretary. She will play an important role in the years to come in getting the economy out of the coronavirus downturn. Yellen has a long history of leadership in the economic sector, having run the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. As opposed to her tenure as chair of the supposedly apolitical Federal Reserve, she will now face a more active role in politics as she will advise on economic policy.


The Secretary of State will be Anthony Blinken. He was deputy Secretary of State under Obama, and it is probably a good thing that he has had prior experience as his job is a big one: he will be the leader of United States foreign policy and will be in charge of diplomacy.


Alejandro Mayorkas will hold the position of Secretary of Homeland Security. He will be in charge of immigration-related issues, the coast guard, and various forms of security (including, most infamously for the position, cybersecurity). Interestingly, Mayorkas is a Cuban immigrant and will be the first immigrant to hold the position.


Also notably, Pete Buttigieg is to be the next Secretary of Transportation. The former mayor of South Bend and former rival to Joe Biden for the presidency will now be in charge of advice and regulations related to planes, trains, and automobiles.