1830 Chophouse

1830 Chophouse

Garrett Harker, Sports Editor


Kinnard and Drake’s 1830 Chophouse is a brand-new restaurant that calls the Lebanon square home. The Chophouse offers something new to Lebanon customers due to the small selection that there is in town.


The menu at the 1830 Chophouse is packed with many great items. They have great appetizers to start your meal like their Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail and their Spinach and Artichoke Dip. The Chophouse also offers many different types of soups and salads to compliment your entrée. They offer different types of entrées from the 1830 sandwich all the way to pasta or a steak.

If you have room at the end of your meal there is also three delicious choices of dessert.


“The Chophouse is really great and it gave me something new to eat here in town because we don’t have many options to sit and have dinner,” said junior Chloe Beltran.


“I was really excited to know that we were getting a nice restaurant in town because there isn’t a place in town you can get a good steak from and I was surprised how good it was,” said junior Brayden Crum.


“This place has wowed many people and it has been amazing for Lebanon bringing in many families to have a great sit down dinner,” said senior Natalie Dafoe.


Lebanon was in need of a new place to sit down and have dinner with their families and the Chophouse has been just that. With the convenient spot downtown there have been many customers gravitating towards the Chophouse.